We were not setup for internet order and although we had already created the site and shipping system to complete customer orders we did not have any of our items on the site yet. This had us doing phone orders only. Our voicemail fills up fast and handling the calls and returning calls takes alot of time. Then we have to get your personal information and enter it into the shipping software which is a long tedious process and allows for many mistakes and the possibilty of sending your package to the wrong location. 



We have created an empty cart item in our webstore. When order this item it records all your shipping information and sends it directly to our shipping warehouse. It does not charge you or ask for credit card information. All we ask for is your contact information. NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, ADDRESS, BIRTHDATE FOR AGE VERIFCATION. Then it will ask you to create a password for future orders. 

When your order arrives in our shipping software it gives us your phone number and email and we can call you and place your order the next time we are open. Two great things happen here. One you get email notifacations of when your package is packed, shipped, and delivered and you can click on the tracking number in your email and track your package along the way. Second we know we have your correct shipping and contact information and that nothing is entered incorrectly. 

You are still welcome to call the phone number and leave a message with your order however once we charge you for your order you will still have to come here and order the "Ship2Home" item. So if you are already here it is much faster and easier to just start here. 

At the last checkout screen there is also a note section. So if you want to be helpful, have a specific item you want, want us to call you at a certain time or day or just have any information you want to pass along to us it can be entered here in the notes box. This greatly helps our offfice warehouse person complete your order if you use this feature. 

The best part about this system is the repeat order process. Whenever you want to order again you just go to the website and add the "Ship2Home" item to your cart and checkout. It will already have all your shipping information saved so it will take seconds to complete. You can ignore any message to call the store as this is setup for customers who do not read this section and want to feel sure they can reach a person and make their order. 

Thank you.